Adalina experienced a spontaneous re-awakening when working for the United Nations with survivors of violence, recognizing again her own spiritual gifts. As a child, she learned about healing from her Native American grandmother, a third generation healer and medicine woman, but put these skills aside as she rose to serve others as a social worker around the world.

Channeling light and sound key codes, Adalina is able to see through the exterior to reach the inner obstacles to recovery, health and vibrant joy in her clients. Her abilities as a clairaudient, clairvoyant and claircongnizant aid her in bringing forth traumas to be transformed by Higher Dimensional Beings.

Adalina works with Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Michael, the Mary Magdalene collective and others, as well as star collectives sent to assist us in the ascension journey such as the Pleidians, the Sirians and more. Receiving specific instructions from these Beings, Adalina moves energy and healing through her voice using tones, activations and other modalities to release former patterns of personality, and bring forth the fullness of life and vitality.

Throughout her recovery from PTSD, anxiety, depression and multiple life-threatening illnesses, Adalina’s connection with Spirit and herbal medicine grew stronger, and the idea for her healing practice was born.

Adalina received her Master’s degree from the University of London in the United Kingdom, and has over a decade of experience working for the United Nations and other humanitarian organizations on four continents. A specialist in trauma recovery, her years overseas taught her that there is no tragedy or obstacle that cannot be overcome. As part of her awakening process, she became certified in multiple metaphysical healing modalities such as Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and ThetaHealing, as well as receiving several certifications in herbal medicine. Speaker of five languages, she works remotely and in-person with diverse clientele from around the globe.