Elementals are the three things that I teach my one-on-one clients first. In my experience, these are the things that will lead you closer and closer to your own healing. With deeper healing comes deeper spiritual and intuitive gifts. Each person that I work with comes in with a set list of things they would like to heal, from physical pain to PTSD, from negative relationships to anxiety. In my decade of clinical practice, each of these things can be healed by using the tones and by tapping in to one’s own innate gifts.

Using your gifts on a daily basis is an incredible gift, but also a venture in mindfulness. Do I want to clear energy between myself and another person? What will be the impact on me? On the other person? On the world?

Yes, each energetic process described in this course will change the world!

Photo by Justin Chauncey

Photo by Justin Chauncey


We are all microcosms of the macrocosm, and pieces of Infinity. When we tap into this Infinity energy, we effect everything not only on our metaphysical plane, but on others. If you feel ready to use your intuitive gifts and to open yourself up even more deeply to healing, this course is for you.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Clear a space of lower vibrational energies and transform it to your high vibe sanctuary;

  • Decipher your intuition from your thoughts through connection with your Spirit Guides;

  • Clear energetic ties between yourself and another person, place, or thing.

There are also two bonus channeled videos from Archangel Michael, the Pleidians, the Council of Light and more about these energetic processes!

Following the course as outlined only takes 2 hours, but these will be techniques that you will use over and over again. I use each technique multiple times per day to keep my energy clear, tap into my intuition and transform spaces into a sweet spot where I yearn to spend my time.

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