Energetic Foundations: Clearing a Space

Have you ever walked into a restaurant, a café or even a friend’s house and felt the icks? That overwhelming, dark-feeling energy that just seems to take over the place?
For those of us with empathic gifts, which is you or you wouldn’t be here, clearing the energy of a space can be the most valuable tool in our toolkit.
Should I use sage or palo santo? Many cultures believe in smudging, or burning certain plants to clear spirits from the space. I have both Ukranian and Native American ancestry, and both have their own smudging and burning rituals that I used for years. The truth is that smudging and burning plants are amazing tools and you can use whatever you want. The intention is what counts.

But you can also clear the space without needing to carry around smelly stuff in your purse or backpack! I am all about simplicity and ease of doing our work out in the real world. This is what I will teach you here.

Watch Adalina clear a space.


Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Use the meditation at the beginning of this course before doing any energy work to ground you and bring you up to the place of Universal Energies. We never want to try to clear energetic ties from our current, third dimensional plane of existence. You can also use the video above of the full process.

  2. Now that you are up in the place of Universal Energies, say aloud:
    “Universal Energies, it is commanded that you pull up to your light the fallen spirits in this space now. Show me that they have gone all the way up to your light to be transformed in a way that is unharmful to me or anyone else.”
    Allow the clearing to happen. Whatever you see, hear or feel during this time will depend on your own unique gifts. If you don’t see, hear or feel anything, the clearing happened anyway! Your gift for clearing a space will come to fruition with more practice.

  3. Staying in this place of Universal Energies, say aloud:
    “Universal Energies, it is commanded that you pull up to your light any negative or unhelpful feelings, subconscious thoughts or subconscious garbage that has fallen into this space now.”

    Allow the clearing to happen. We don’t normally ask to see this as it is somewhat disturbing to watch others emotions and subconscious thoughts, and it also violates boundaries between you and others. Relax and trust that the clearing has happened.

  4. Staying in the place of Universal Energies, say aloud:
    “It is done, thank you.”

  5. Softly and gently begin to pull your mind, body and spirit down from this place of Universal Energies. Move yourself through the Laws of the Universe, down through all of the colors of the Universe, through the stars and the planets and ground your feet down in to your favorite place in nature. You are now back in the Earth. Pull this Earth energy up your feet, legs, and move it all the way up through your chakra system, up each vertebrae in your back and all the way up to your head. Take a deep breath in and out and come back in to your space.


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