Energetic Foundations: Clearing the Ties that Bind

Have you ever gone through a break up and just felt gutted? You are not alone! Even when break ups happen for the right reasons, it can leave us feeling less than our best selves.

There are also certain people in our lives that may be drawing our energy from us, but are a necessary part of life at the moment.
This can be anything from aging parents to colleagues, supervisors or the person who gives you your coffee at your favorite café. Never fear! This too can be dealt with easily and painlessly.

These instructions are only to be used for clearing YOUR energetic ties with others. Doing this for other people requires asking for permission and a different set of intentions, commands and inner work. The instructions here are just for YOU. Ok? Ok. Let’s get started.

Watch Adalina Clearing Ties


Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Use the meditation at the beginning of this course before doing any energy work to ground you and bring you up to the place of Universal Energies. You can also use the full video of the process above. We never want to try to clear energetic ties from our current, third dimensional plane of existence. It will usually increase the tie connecting us. The Universe is given our permission to do the work when we go to the place of Universal Energies. And isn’t that a lot easier than trying to do everything by ourselves (speaking to you, overachievers).

  2. Once you are comfortable in the place of Universal Energies, speak these words aloud:
    “Universal Energies, it is commanded that you pull, cancel and clear the energy connecting me to (name of person, name of place, name of thing) right now. Pull that energetic tie up to you to be cancelled and cleared. It is done. Thank you.”
    If you still have love for this person and want to maintain that, speak these words aloud:
    “It is commanded that you retain the love we have for each other, but cancel and clear (name of person’s) energy from me, and my energy from (name of person). It is done. Thank you.”

  3. Flick your wrist as if you are letting a yo-yo go. Visualize a white string with that person, place or thing that you are clearing energy from at the end of it. Watch as that person rolls away from you gently, until they roll off the end of the yo-yo string. It is helpful to visualize this person saying, “I am ok,” or “I understand why you needed to do this,” as they reach the end of the yo-yo string.

  4. If you are sensitive to energy, you may feel a parting of ways with this person. I usually see both of us resting on clouds, and I see the clouds pulling apart. If you feel nothing at all, the energy clearing still took place! Don’t doubt it. Watch what unfolds over the next few days.

  5. Softly and gently begin to pull your mind, body and spirit down from this place of Universal Energies. Move yourself through the Laws of the Universe, down through all of the colors of the Universe, through the stars and the planets and ground your feet down in to your favorite place in nature. You are now back in the Earth. Pull this Earth energy up your feet, legs, and move it all the way up through your chakra system, up each vertebrae in your back and all the way up to your head. Take a deep breath in and out and come back in to your space.


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