Instagram Queens Intro

Framework for the Group

All IG handles have been shared in the what’s app group. We will keep this group going until August 21, and then reassess how we all feel, should we keep going, etc.

  1. Posting times are between 7am-7pm with a little wiggle room after 7pm. We are only commenting on each other’s posts, and not on IG stories, but if you want to, please go for it!

  2. When you post, alert the group via What’s App! You can share your handle with the group again when you alert the group if you want to be extra sure everyone knows that you posted.

  3. Comment on each other’s posts within 20 minutes of the post going up. For example, I posted at 9:42am today. Everybody would need to comment by 10:02am for my post to “game” the algorithm and be shown to more people.

  4. All comments must be more than 5 words. The words “a” and emojis don’t count.

  5. This is a “get what you give,” system. Please comment on everyone’s posts to get the most comments back!

  6. Please write back and forth with the person who is posting in the comments as time allows. Hiwa and I have full on chats in our comments and it really works!


I am by no means an expert on social media, but I have done several trainings and have learned a lot over the last year. If you would like to do a free training, there is one @bossbabe right now. Each training is supposed to be the same, but I have done it twice and received different nuggets of wisdom based on the questions she answered at the end. You will have to sit through her 20 minute sales pitches to hear the Q & A, but it’s worth it.

How many times a week should I post?

The last training I did taught me that posting more than 5 times a week doesn’t help your algorithm or account grow until you reach 10,000 followers. I post 3-4 times a week, I believe Hiwa is moving closer to 5-6 Xs a week. Your app will show you the best posting times for you.

What app do I use to optimize my posting time?

Hiwa uses Command and loves it. I use Best Upload Time or When to Post. Anna uses Instagram Insights.

Other helpful apps?

Preview and Plann are great for planning posts, optimizing hashtags and have other features. Hiwa uses Preview and loves it. Plann is only really helpful for those with business IG accounts.

Why don’t you post on the weekends?

Speaking for me personally, I am not interested in working with clients who are only available for sessions on the weekends. I energetically draw people in during the work week because I only want to see clients during the work week. To each their own, and I believe we are all open to commenting on your posts if you want to post on the weekend. Please correct me if I am wrong here.

Where do I get the photos to use?

Hiwa and I both take a lot of our own. I use sometimes, but I pay close attention to the licensing. I also screenshot the licensing for each photo I use and save them in a special folder in case it ever comes up.

Are there any content restrictions?

We are all soulpreneurs and bloggers, so no. If it feels wrong to you, then it probably is and just don’t post it.

Should I create a business account?

I’ve never heard one of the trainers be able to answer this one adequately. I think it is really up to you and what feels right at the moment.