Multi-Dimensional Mentorship Program: Conclusion

Congratulations! Through this mentorship program, you have healed multiple things that were holding you back from being your greatest self, learned channeling, reading the Akashic records and have overcome your own blocks to opening up your intuitive gifts. I encourage you to use these new skills in your business as much as you can to get the greatest benefit, but if you need more structure, I have listed a few exercises below that you can practice daily to get yourself into the mode of using your skills in various situations.


Channeling for Clarity

Decision-making can feel overwhelming at times. When you have a big decision to make, take yourself through the meditation to reach Creator’s space, first grounding your feet into the new Earth and ending up in the iridescent, white light.

  1. What is holding me back from making this decision?

  2. How can make this decision with greater ease?

  3. Show me/tell me/make me feel the right decision for the greatest profit.

  4. Show me/tell me/make me feel the right decision for the highest and greatest good of all those involved.

Bring yourself down from Creator’s space and ground your feet into the new Earth. If the answers you wrote down for numbers 3 and 4 are different, now is the time to get your brain in its regular, not Theta state involved. What needs to be done?

You can also try tapping in to the Akashic records. You can use the Pathway Prayer process from Linda Howe’s book, or whatever works for you. Take yourself through the journaling prompts below.

  1. Have I had to make a similar decision in a past life?

  2. Show me/tell me/make me feel what happened in that situation.

  3. Show me/tell me/make me feel what lesson I am meant to be learning by making this decision here and now? Is there a part of me that resists making the decision based on something that happened in a previous lifetime?

Bring yourself back to your normal brainwave state and reflect on what you just learned.

Using these methods, remember to approach it in a grounded and practical way. If you are hearing things from your Guides that don’t make any sense, such as sell your company tomorrow, question it. Why? Is it a Guide that is here for your highest and best good? Is this an impulse you have had before that feels right? Ask your Guides if this is a distraction.

Question things. If your Guides are truly there for your highest and best good, they will be able to answer questions and make you feel comfortable. If it feels uncomfortable, wrong or dark, command that spirit or Guide to get out, and restate that you want light, only light, and only Guides who seek your highest and best good.

Continue with the skills you have learned here and keep growing! You have accomplished so much in these three months. My intention for you is to go out into the world and use these beautiful skills that you have cultivated. My greatest love to you!