Multi-Dimensional Mentorship Program

Throughout the next 12 weeks, I will share with you my tips and methodology to heal old wounds, create space for new talents and fully open yourself to your authentic, intuitive gifts. These are qualities that you were born with that may have been filtered out due to upbringing, societal programming and conditioning. We will start this journey together, but it will likely continue unfolding for you over the next several years.

I encourage you to get to know the others in this group. Some may start out wanting to maintain anonymity for reasons that I very well understand, for I was in the same position when I started this journey. However, I did eventually open up and start sharing my experiences with others. This was key to fully integrating my intuitive gifts into the person that I am today.

You will receive calendar invitations for our group sessions with a Zoom link, as well as instructions to call in as well. Calling in will be the anonymous way to join the session, but again, I deeply hope that you will be able to share who you are with us so that others can support you as well.

The program is broken into two-week blocks. Each block will come with its own set of instructions, writing exercises and tones. Please listen to the tones every day. The tones will solidify your work, and begin anchoring you to your new sense of self.

Here we go!