Multi-Dimensional Mentorship Program: Weeks 1-2

The first part of our work together will be about healing. Why healing when I am just trying to attain some intuitive gifts to boost my business? Before your gifts start to uncover themselves, some healing is necessary to make room for these gifts in your life.
For the next four weeks, we will be simultaneously uncovering things that need healing and dipping our toes in to the pond of intuition. Let’s get started.


I recommend that you write through these journal prompts all in one sitting. Set aside about 30 minutes to give yourself time to dive deep. This exercise can be done before or after our session together. It won’t make a difference in your healing time. If you have been selected for this program, you have likely already done a lot of this work in traditional talk therapy, on the yoga mat or in other recovery programs. Be patient with the work and with whatever comes up for you, as each step you have taken already has uncovered new memories or subjects that will present themselves now for healing on a deeper level.

  1. What is your first memory from childhood?

  2. Do you remember the first time you experienced parental disappointment in you?

  3. How did you deal with that? Do you see any parallels to how you deal with this in your business today?

  4. Brainstorm a few ways that you could deal with disappointment from clients, colleagues or even parents in a way that is more helpful to you.

Now listen to these tones below. You will be using these same tones for the first four weeks. Get into the habit of listening to them alone so that you may have time to receive the healing without distractions of work, spouse or kids.

Daily Actions:

It is recommended that you listen to these tones every day for the first four weeks. The light and sound key codes within will work on a cellular level to release your limiting beliefs and bring in fresh perspective. Many have found it helpful to jot down ideas or things to explore later just after listening to the tones. Feel free to bring these things up in your sessions with me.