Multi-Dimensional Mentorship Program: Weeks 11-12

The Akashic records may be the best kept secret of the business world. Some of you have been through your Akashic records with me in sessions. The Akashic records are the records of your soul. In many belief systems, we have all reincarnated here on Earth at this specific time either at our own personal request or as a part of our karma, carrying out certain actions and learning certain lessons that we came here to learn. There have been lifetimes on Earth before this one. The Akashic records can help us to see, hear or feel things from those lifetimes to help us in this one. Sometimes there is healing that needs to take place from previous lifetimes, and this is also possible. Everything has an Akashic record, from your apartment, to the birds outside to your next door neighbor.

Learning about your soul’s record can help you to move forward at a more rapid pace in this lifetime. It can help you dive in to your unique gifts and show you what lessons you came here to learn, allowing you to operate with more freedom and ease, moving you forward on your trajectory with less baggage. Let’s get started.


Begin reading How to Read the Akashic Records by Linda Howe. You will note that she also takes you through a prayer process to reach the Theta brain wave to begin channeling. This is simply channeling from a different perspective. Go through the book and try some of the exercises, paying special attention to pages 1-40 that give a great overview of how to use the Akashic records.

My personal favorite thing to do is to open the Akashic records when I have to learn something new. There is a reason why I can speak five languages, and learned them in a year or less! Though I must warn you that if you have never done something in a previous life, like accounting in my case, the Akashic records might not be the most helpful learning tool. I have yet to create a perfect accounting spreadsheet and still have to hire someone to do my relatively simple bookkeeping. Take it for what it is as see if dipping in to the Akashic records can help you learn something new. By drawing on your previous experience of doing something in a previous lifetime, you will be able to learn more quickly in this one.


Set aside 1 hour three times this week to read and work through the Linda Howe book. After your first few exercises from the book, write through these journal prompts and be prepared to share them in our group session.

  1. What was the first life that came to me in the Akashic records? What was I there to learn? Soul lessons or otherwise?

  2. Was there any healing that needed to be done in that lifetime?

  3. What can I bring from that lifetime into my current one to give me more of a competitive edge in my business?

You can take yourself through these journaling prompts for each lifetime that comes up for you. It has brought many a greater understanding of how to operate with a different outlook.