Multi-Dimensional Mentorship Program: Weeks 3-4

Are you keeping up with listening to the tones every day? Words cannot stress enough how important it is to be listening at a time that works for you, when you are alone and not under the stress of rushing out the door to your next event.

Let’s continue making room for our intuitive gifts.


Set aside 30 minutes to write through these journal prompts at a time when you can be alone and are not pressured to finish quickly.

  1. What do you consider to be your current gift? Is it marketing, finance, sales, listening, compassion? Write down a few gifts that you know are unique to you, or that the way that you do this fairly common activity is unique to you.

  2. When did you know you had this gift? Did someone tell you it was a gift, or was it an inner knowing?

  3. Do you know why you were given this gift? For example, I was given my gift of listening as a means to serve others. I listened as a child to help my single parent household, and then listened as an adult to those who had just been through traumatic events. I now listen to find new ways of teaching successful executives how to tap in to their intuitive gifts. Listening may not be an original gift, but I know that the way I do it is original. Just brainstorm here and try not to judge yourself or anything that comes up.

  4. Can you think of anyone or multiple people in your life who question or have questioned your gift in the past? How do you react to this? How could you react better?

Daily Actions

Worthiness exercise: Do this exercise daily for the next two weeks.

Play the tones for weeks 1-4. As you listen to the tones, connect your pointer finger on your dominant hand with your thumb on your non-dominant hand. Re-imagine the way you identified your gift(s) in the most positive and affirming way. Re-imagine those that have questioned your gift(s) along the way as being supportive, loving and encouraging you to develop them further.