Multi-Dimensional Mentorship Program: Weeks 5-6

 A part of making room for your intuitive gifts is to overcome your darker side. My work as a social worker around the world has taught me that everyone has something of which they are ashamed. Even if you have been in therapy for 10 years, there must be something that you either are, or have said or done of which you are not proud.

Let’s dig in to this.


Allow yourself 30 minutes alone without time pressure to write through these journal prompts.

  1. What is your first memory of shame or guilt?

  2. Was it deserved? Think from the perspective of someone who loves you. Would they say this shame or guilt was deserved?

  3. Are you hiding anything in your life right now? For example, if a reporter wanted to do a story on you, what would you not want them to find out?

Daily Actions

Listen to this new set of tones for weeks 5-6.

As you listen:
Connect your pointer finger on your dominant hand with your thumb on your non-dominant hand. Re-imagine your first guilt or shame in a way that is positive for you. For example, if you stole something from a store as a kid, re-imagine yourself going up to the counter and paying for it, congratulating yourself for not stealing it even though it might have gone unnoticed.
Then re-imagine whatever came up for you in question 3 about what you would not want a reporter to find out about you now. Imagine it in the most positive, life affirming way for you. Own it in a way that makes you feel safe. Visualize those that might be upset about this understanding and rewarding you for your honesty.

If you have specific questions about this, please bring it up in your session. We will discuss this in group this week as well.