Multi-Dimensional Mentorship Program: Weeks 7-8

It’s time to connect!

All of your hard work to heal your past and to own your darker side has paid off. You have had multiple one-on-one sessions with me to dig deeper, and are on the fast track to discovering your intuitive gifts.


Set aside 30 minutes to write out these journal prompts below. Only begin these prompts when you have time to do them without having to rush yourself.

  1. When was the first time you heard about people with intuitive gifts? This can be anything from psychics to past life regression to clairvoyants (those who see things that are not directly apparent in the physical world).

  2. What was your opinion of this person? Did you believe in what they were doing or saying? Why or why not?

  3. Have you met others who have intuitive gifts who show you that these are real and grounded in our physical world?

  4. Do you believe you are capable of having intuitive gifts? Be real. No one will read this but you.

  5. Why or why not?

We will discuss several people with real and authentic intuitive gifts in our group, and YouTube links will be given so that you may familiarize yourself with these people. These are professionals with intuitive gifts that have been vetted. Some have even been examined by Dr. Daniel Amen, world-renowned neuroscientist, to confirm that their gifts are real and that different chemical reactions in the brain take place when they use their gifts.

Daily Actions

Listen to the tones for weeks 7- 8 daily. While you listen, visualize yourself expressing whatever intuitive gift comes to you. Let your subconscious be the guide, and don’t try to force yourself to see anything. Let it come to you.


Begin reading Writing the Divine by Sara Wiseman. If you have time to start the writing exercises in the book, great! If not, we will start some together in our group time.