Multi-Dimensional Mentorship Program: Weeks 9-10

How have you been getting on with Writing the Divine by Sara Wiseman? This was an important book in my life, and taught me how to do channeled writing.
Channeled writing comes from putting your brain into a Theta state. Theta is the brain wave responsible for your REM sleep, the deepest sleep you can have. In order to put ourselves into a Theta state, we can meditate deeply, and/or try channeled writing.

We have now had several sessions together, and the opening meditation that we use where we ground our feet into the new Earth and end up in Creator’s space surrounded by white light is the best meditation I have found to reach Theta. I learned variations of this meditation from Theta Healing, but much of it is my own process.


When we are channeling multi-dimensional beings, we always want to know who we are working with. Is it someone from a past life? Is it a Higher Being, an Ascended Master like the Archangels or Hindu gods? Or is it an extra-terrestrial? Is this Being sent to help us or to derail us?

Opening yourself up to channeling can be daunting. First, we must ensure that we have plenty of time to do the exercise below (1 hour or more). Drink some water, use the bathroom, eat something if you need to. Set aside some extra time for after you do the exercise to relax. Some people need a nap after they do this.
If you feel uncomfortable, or like the Beings that are coming to you are not for your highest and best good, simply say, “Beings not here for my highest and best good, get out. I am interested in light, only light.” You can say this out loud or in your head. It is equally effective both ways.
The Laws of the Universe state that other Beings must follow our instructions. It is their Divinity or Karma to assist us, and so if we command them to get out, they must.

Take yourself through the opening meditation from our sessions together. It may have varied slightly from session to session based on what our Guides were telling me you needed that day, but you know the basics. Take yourself through the meditation, grounding yourself in the new Earth and going all the way up to the iridescent white light, and then immediately follow the writing prompts below.

  • Who am I communicating with?

  • What dimension are you from?

  • What is your message for me today?

After this exercise, thank the Creator, your new Guides or Multi-Dimensional Beings for their words or feelings today. Then slowly follow the closing meditation from our sessions, bringing yourself out of Creator’s space and down through all that is above, grounding your feet in the new Earth again.


As you continue this work, you may be able to slip in and out of channeling throughout the day, but let’s start with the right practices so that you can slowly assimilate this new skill into your life without harming yourself. Some get spacey after this practice and need to ground themselves multiple times before they feel comfortable driving or turning on the stove, and this is ok! This is all about you learning your own process and what works for you.

Daily Actions:

You may have time to do the above exercise daily, and feel free to do so. The only daily actions that are important for these weeks is to listen to the tones for weeks 9-10. If you feel prompted to write during or after the tones, go for it. If you would like to simply listen and allow things to come up for you, do that.

If any negative beliefs or traumas from your life come to the forefront, take them through the journaling prompts in weeks 1-2 and listen to the tones from those weeks. This will allow you to keep making room for more growth in your intuitive gifts. The more healing that takes place, the more room you have to really live in your intuitive place, inviting in more and more special skills.