The Practical Person’s Guide to Overcoming Trauma: Week 1 - Unclogging

We all have trauma, things we would like to forget, and ways that we have let ourselves down. Let’s be clear, only we can let ourselves down. Others may disappoint us with their behavior, but it is up to us how we decide to use this energy. We can move the disappointment inwards, which many of us do, often resulting in health issues, anxiety and/or depression. Or we can choose, consciously choose, to move it out of our bodies. Move it through us like rainfall, flowing around us until it is over and the sun returns to us.

But how to unclog the disappointment, moving it out and through? Kundalini yoga is an incredible practice for this. If it doesn’t speak to you, you can try other things like a walk in nature, feeling your feet hitting the ground (not easy in the Northeast or European winter!) or a workout where you don’t have to do too much thinking. Everyone is different and from years of session work with clients, I know that one person’s happy, meditative space doesn’t work for everyone.

I can, however, encourage you to try to move the emotions and disappointment out through your body through exercise. This can also be done using specific herbs for your body and health, but trying exercise first is more cost effective and healthy for you too.

If you would like to work with herbs for your body and health, please do bring this up in your session with me, or book another if you haven’t already.

Accompanying the exercise to move things out, please work on the following journal prompts and talk about anything that comes up with me, a loved one or your therapist/12 step group.

Journal prompts for week 1

  1. Where in my body do I feel the traumatic event?

  2. How has the traumatic event become stuck in my sense of self? For example, I was in a motorbike accident and injured my shoulder. After rehabbing my shoulder for 3 years, I realized the shoulder pain was actually just me holding on to a traumatic event that happened the following day at work. List the different ways in which your body might be holding on to other events surrounding the original trauma.

  3. As you exercise this week, visualize the trauma falling off of your body. Picture it as a dark cloud floating out of whatever body part/organ/body system it has attached to and watch it float up to the sky.

  4. Listen to the 5 minute recorded activation every night this week before you go to sleep and follow the prompts. If you tend to fall asleep while listening, sit up in a chair.