The Practical Person’s Guide to Overcoming Trauma: Week 2 - Make Room

With all of this emptying out that you are doing every day now, you will want to fill yourself back up things to nurture your recovery. Positive-minded friends, happy TV shows and movies ONLY and clean food. When I say clean food, I don’t mean there can be no days where you eat lots of chocolate because you are craving it, or have the occasional treat. Just generally 80% veggies, fruit and whatever protein you tolerate. If you have to be around negative people because you work together or they live with you, please use the 5 minute recorded audio for this week about shielding multiple times a day. In fact, you can use it every time you know you are about to engage with these people.

As your energy becomes stronger and you overcome the trauma, you will need less shielding. Yes, it’s true! Your natural energy and joy for life once all of these things you have overcome release will be its own shield for most of this. This is not to say that the people who represent negative influences in your life will be gone, it will simply be that you react to them differently and feel less affected. Most of my clients report this happening within a few months. Don’t give up! It will happen to you too!

While this is taking place, focus on where you can make room in your life for the new things that will take the place of the trauma. Everything has matter. That trauma was taking up space in your brain, your body and your life.

When one thing is removed, it MUST be replaced with something. This is one of the laws of the universe.
So let’s think about not only how we can make room, but make room for what?

Journal prompts for week 2

  1. How has your original trauma taken up space in your life?
  2. Can you think of any post traumatic stress triggers that set you off?
  3. Example: In an effort to get her parents’ attention, Josie has spent her life achieving, earning top marks in school, and getting the perfect job. Her parents’ particular method of avoiding giving her credit or attention for any of her achievements was to leave her at home when they went on business trips together. When her partner announces he is taking a trip with his friends 3 weekends from now, she becomes incredibly angry and decides she needs to move out of their apartment.
    This is a simple example, and feel free to extrapolate and do some free writing around this. A trigger of the trauma can be as simple as needing to check your phone frequently after missing a call from an ailing loved one.
  4. Come up with a list of things you can do instead of reacting to your post traumatic stress triggers. These could include things like your new exercise regime (yoga, walking in nature, any exercise where you don’t have to concentrate), take yourself out for a fancy cup of tea or coffee, spend time with positive family and friends, cry it out while watching your favorite cleansing movie, whatever!
  5. If you are still reacting to your triggers, this is ok. Again, this is not forever.
    Then make room for these things in your life. We have to replace the trauma with positive things. All things have matter or energy. All negative must be replaced with something, so let’s make sure it is positive.
  6. Listen to the 5 minute audio for week 2 before bed each night. If you tend to fall asleep while listening, sit up in a chair.