I am pregnant! For anyone questioning if they should try this, I have tried everything else. My trauma manifested in my physical body and made my emotional life difficult. After a series of sessions and using the channeled tones at home, I have released a lot! I have real, tangible results. This time with Adalina is the only thing that has worked for me.
— Mahtma in Seattle, WA.
All of the insight and advise has been spot on. The work we have done together has helped me tremendously in my health, my relationships and my business. It’s a real treat to have the session. I highly recommend working with Adalina, as I feel this healing work can help everyone, and she is a real pleasure.
— Adel Hattem in Miami, FL.
Adalina has been mentoring me in reaching my Spirit Guides for the last several weeks, and what a difference! Through her trance channeling and Akashic records reading, talking to collective consciousness and my Higher Self, I have received clear strategies to develop a new life. I just got the job of my dreams! Thank you, Adalina!
— Karen B. in NYC
Adalina works with multi-dimensional beings to return us to our mental, physical and spiritual health. Our family began with many issues and psychological problems. We have been to several therapists. This transformational healing™ method has worked so well for us that we tell all of our friends about it.
— Erica J. in Princeton, NJ
With Adalina’s healing help, I overcame my fear from childhood about rejection from men. I learned about how fear comes from trauma. Trauma can be healed, and you can change your life and outlook on things. Her methods work. I wish I had saved those 3 years in talk therapy!
— Sarah V. in London, UK
I started sessions with Adalina to deal with PTSD from a car accident years ago that left me with debilitating pain. I hadn’t ridden in a car in 4 years. Within 2 sessions, I was riding in not just a car, but taking Ubers around the city. The work she does with Source just makes you brave. She connects you to your Spirit Guides and then you never feel alone again.
— Jaymesh Q. in NYC
When Adalina and I started working together, I had multiple chemical sensitivity, endometriosis and other physical problems. What led me to her was the referral of my mother, who normally won’t work with anyone outside of the standard talk therapy setting or conventional doctors.

Adalina channeled healings and tones that sounded like space sounds to me for childhood traumas. I was sexually abused for several years by a family member. I didn’t think there was any hope for me to ever have a “normal” sex life. I decided to trust Adalina because I had tried everything else.

The channeled healings worked. She recommended herbal remedies to speed up my emotional, spiritual and physical healing. Over three months, my period returned to normal, I was pain free for the first time in 20 years and my husband and I started having sex again. I understand she will be selling these herbs soon, and I look forward to being able to buy them in the market!

Trauma recovery looks different for me, and I am still working on things, but Adalina is patient. She understands your soul. She reads in to your past lives and lets you know where they have been leading you to heal and work in this life.

There is no dollar amount that can be placed on healing with Adalina. She has also taught me how to trust my intuition and to be my own healer. There is nothing more important than independence to her, but she gently nudges you that way at your pace so that you never feel abandoned.

If you are considering a session with Adalina, don’t put it off any longer. It is the first step to your healing.
— Sunali in West Orange, NJ
I perform 8 shows a week as a professional dancer. I don’t have time for standard therapies anymore. I have healed most of my injuries through transformational healing™ in online sessions with Adalina. I highly recommend it.
— Cara B. in NYC
After three transformational healing™ sessions, I have let go of all the baggage that I carried for the last 20 years. My friendships are stronger. I feel confident when I walk into a room. I have also had weekly physical therapy for my back for years, and don’t need to go anymore. I am living without pain.
— Daniela C. in NYC
Thank you for giving me so much wisdom from my deceased mother. Making this connection has helped me a lot.
— George B. in NYC