The Practical Person’s Guide to Overcoming Trauma

How many of us have worked through the same traumas and dramas in traditional talk therapy for years?
Going through the actual event many times?
Writing it down 7 times and hoping that will reduce its impact on us?

How many of us have tried numerous new age methodologies only to be let down?

This is a 4 week course for practical people who want to jump start their recovery from trauma. Whether you have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety or depressive disorders, or whether this traumatic event just happened to you and you haven’t talked about it with anyone, this course is for you.

In 4 weeks’ time, I will share with you what I have learned about trauma recovery over the last decade working with trauma survivors from around the world. There will be no tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique), EMDR (Emotional Memory Direct Recovery) or other methods that you may have tried before. This is my own method, found to be effective through use with people of many different religions, cultures and backgrounds. I have also been using this with New Yorkers for the past several years, and have found it to be just as effective with those living in (fairly) regular circumstances who have survived childhood trauma, sexual abuse, car accidents with debilitating injuries, long-term illnesses like Lyme disease and cancer and more.

This course is for anyone whose life has been altered by a traumatic event or multiple traumatic events
and includes:

  • One solo session with me, $300 value. This session is best if booked at the beginning of the course, but is effective at any time. Our one on one work together will set the stage for your transformation of trauma into freedom.

  • Short reading and journal prompts for each week, including specific actions to take to change your reactions to post-traumatic triggers and make space for the better things in life.

  • A 5-10 minute audio recording of channeled healing from my Guides including the Mary Magdalene collective, Archangel Michael, the Sirians and more. You will listen to one recording per week every night before bed to prompt healing while your body is in REM state, our most healing time of the night.

  • Planning booklet for future recovery.

Does this course sound like what you have been waiting for? If yes, sign up and book here.